About Chef Calvin

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Greetings from Detroit, Michigan!

I’m Calvin, a chef by trade, though my culinary journey followed a winding path to Stockpot Cuisine.

After 3 years of consulting in corporate America, I decided to pursue my passion for cooking.  A passion was seeded early in my life while cooking at the elbow of my grandmother – simply, with a wholesome breakfast of bacon and eggs as my start.

In the early 2000s, after graduating from culinary school, I joined the Bespoke Cuisine team as a chef in downtown Chicago.  Here I worked my way up the ladder from a chef to Chef de Cuisine over the years – providing boutique catering and cooking classes.

After nearly a decade at Bespoke I moved to the Executive Chef position at the Columbia Yacht Club, located in Chicago.  Here I revamped the menu, brought in fresh ingredients and made everything from the condiments to the main courses for the members and their guests to enjoy healthier and tasty meals.

After my experience as an Executive Chef, I knew my calling was that of a personal chef – bringing creative, customized options to clients, whether in their home or business to tempt their taste buds and expand their culinary horizons.  My personal chef career has spanned from Chicago to Dubai and now back to the US, where I am based in Detroit.

My travels and professional experiences are unique.  This translates into my food and offerings to my clients.  I enjoy learning the palettes of people I serve, but also want to provide an eye-opening experience to all I cook for.

For the love of cooking, creating and helping others appreciate the art of delicious food, I provide a personal chef service like none other.

Food brings friends, family and new acquaintances together to enjoy the moment through a culinary journey of flavor profiles old and new.  Creating memories to last a lifetime.

Allow me to create a culinary journey for you to explore the world with fresh, seasonal ingredients and awaken the ‘foodie’ in you.